Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Jeff D.

Jeff D. Founder

Conducts Go To Meetings in shirt, tie, and bermuda shorts,  has a passion for small fruits, collects praying mantis egg cases, lives in a bunker and exercises just enough to be a super hero.

Leo A.

Leo A. Director of Client Relations.

Enjoys traveling, knitting and a good game of bocce ball. He is regularly mistaken for the most interesting man in the world.


Leandro. Sr. Designer

Leandro  attended a prestigious music university in New York as the only ukelele player. Fanatico de el Mickey Mouse! Has posed for many swimwear magazines.

Maria R.

Maria R. Social Media Manager

Enjoys heavy metal concerts, gun fights and dark clothing. Aggressive, fast and a deep swimmer at heart.

Alejandro D.

Alejandro D. Operations Manager

Alex is an imagineer, he was abducted by aliens the first time at age 15. Believes he is Bruce Lee's reincarnation, and a conspiracy theorist with more questions than answers. Likes 70's music and wigs.

Xavier M.

Xavier M. Developer

Xavier is a traveling soul that enjoys ping pong, cheer-leading and tea. A dangerous developer and anthropologist.

Jose A.

Jose A. Creative Director

He speed up the creation. End repetitive coding tasks and enjoy the power of controlling the design.

Itiel P.

Itiel P. Developer

Itiel is made of steel. A thinker and a lover, he enjoys puppies and fast cars. An artist, not a fighter, almost always mistaken for body builder. Allergic to milk, Pudding is his Achilles tendon.

Carlos M.

Carlos M. Director, Business Developement

A born tree hugger, a son and a protector. Enjoys long conversations and going to the ATM and always walking out a winner. A rolling stone.

Lisa H.

Lisa H. Director, Business Development

Lisa runs with squirrels and frequents sweat lodges to clean her soul. A matriarch, a softball player and born builder. Loves cold nights and tall buildings.

Memo P.

Memo P. Director, Business Development

Once touted as a top prospect for Harvard's chess team, Memo enjoys Brazilian waxes, left overs and singing in the car. He rocks a mullet and makes it look cool.

David H.

David H. Director, Business Development

Mud wrestling fanatic. Has been told he's the "missing link" yet has always succeeded at what he does. A conversationalists and a minimalists. Enjoys quiet corners and dark nights


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